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Dr. Ablow: Truth about YouTube Videos

Dr. Keith Ablow analyzes this shocking new trend

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  1. Must Be Glove

    Latest YouTube sensation does more than entertain, it also saves lives

  2. Hollywood Nation: 10/29

    YouTube loves U2 and Lennon's early life

  3. Whistleblower Pilot Comes Forward

    Pilot defends posting security flaw videos on YouTube

  4. Viral Vigilantes

    YouTube video reportedly show Iran's secret enforcers

  5. Caught in the Act

    Victim posts video of robbery on YouTube to track suspect down. Did it work?

  6. Teen's Ploy to Get Model for Prom Date

    High school senior uses YouTube to grab a hot date

  7. Vet's Vital Video

    Sgt. Joe Cook, star of inspiring Youtube video, chats with Bill Hemmer

  8. Laying of Hands

    FOX Religion correspondent Lauren Green analyzes the Sarah Palin YouTube video on's Strategy Room

  9. Candidate's Passionate Campaign Speech

    Speech becomes a YouTube hit

  10. Web Exclusive: Defending Revolution Against 'Racist White People'

    Fox's Griff Jenkins' full interview with teacher who caused a YouTube stir

  11. Dependable Cars and Ugly Ones

    Fox Car Report live takes a look at how the situation in Japan is affecting the auto industry, who builds the most dependable cars, and who builds the ugliest ones.

  12. The Future of the Death Penalty

    Expert on the death penalty and the torture killing of the Petit family.

  1. YouTube Removes Awlaki Videos

    Website takes down videos of fugitive cleric that incite violence

  2. 'Bullied' YouTube Divorcee

    Tricia Walsh-Smith's lawyer explains alleged threats against his client

  3. Girl Fight Posted on YouTube

    Adults on tape facing 10 years in prison

  4. News on the Web

    How has YouTube impacted our use of the internet?

  5. 'Patriot Pilot' Chris Liu on TSA's Failures

    Tom Sullivan asks 'Patriot Pilot' Chris Liu and attorney Don Werno about the infamous Youtube vidoes which exposed the TSA's failures and got Liu in hot water.

  6. Honoring Our Troops

    16-year-old filmmaker's YouTube gets 25 million hits

  7. Texting Mall Walker in Hot Water of Her Own

    Woman hires lawyer after video of fountain plunge goes on YouTube

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