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Wiehl of Justice: Texting While Driving

Lis Wiehl on legal risks of texting while driving

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  1. Texting Woman Falls into Mall Fountain

    Does she have a case against mall?

  2. Texting Mall Walker in Hot Water of Her Own

    Woman hires lawyer after video of fountain plunge goes on YouTube

  3. Highway Traffic Deaths Down

    Freeway traffic deaths drop to lowest since 1969

  4. Teen Texting Fits Criteria of Addiction

    Study: Average teen sends over 3,000 texts per month

  5. Doc Dies Driving While Texting

    Heidi Montag's surgeon plunges off cliff, dog survives

  6. Texting All the Rage on the Campaign Trail

    Candidates using text messages to reach voters, volunteers

  7. Hands Free

    Illinois lawmakers consider text-walking ban

  8. Did You Know...

    It's now illegal to text and drive in California? New laws now in effect across the U.S. for 2009

  9. 'Thumbs Up Pledge'

    'American Idol' Jordin Sparks' new cause

  10. Travelling Through Disaster

    Political unrest, natural disasters, what do you do when things go bad in the country you are travelling in?

  11. Dangers of Cyber-Bullying

    Teen creates her own anti-bullying campaign

  12. Bullying in America

    How teachers and parents can help to prevent bullying

  1. After Show Show: Texting While Driving

    Family, texting drivers and The Jonas Brothers

  2. Violent Crash Blamed on Texting

    Man crashes into side of train allegedly due to texting

  3. Lifesaving Software

    New technology to stop teens from texting while driving

  4. SOS!

    U.S. dispatch center is first to implement 911 text messaging

  5. Scandal Prevention?

    School districts ban student-teacher texting , online fraternizing in hope of curbing sexual relationships

  6. Tapped-In: Group Texting Apps

    3 mobile chat rooms for your iPhone

  7. Texting Shopper Suing After Fall in Mall Fountain

    Woman who got all wet says mall employees laughed at her instead of helping

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