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How can Social Media Help or Hurt Public Figures?

How celebrities and companies can manage crisis communications with social media

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  1. Does Your Pastor Tweet?

    Social media ’s growing role in religion

  2. Bias Bash: Double-Edged Sword

    Social media good, WikiLeaks bad?

  3. Watch Those Apps on Facebook

    Is your privacy at risk when you log onto social media websites?

  4. Cell Phone Pictures Come With Hidden Danger

    Pictures uploaded to social media sites come embedded with users GSP location

  5. Bias Bash: Technology and Freedom

    Social media changing the world

  6. Murder Victim's Family Sues Facebook

    Paramedic allegedly posts photo of dead body on social media network

  7. Facebook Founder Speaks At BYU

    Mark Zuckerberg on social media and politics

  8. Has GOP Closed the Digital Divide?

    Candidate Obama pioneered social media trail; Republicans took notes

  9. Have a Celebrity Flaunt Your Product makes it easy for brands to connect with consumers on Facebook and Twitter via today's top celebrities

  10. Looking for Emerging Tech Trends

    Company on lookout for potentially profiatable technology companies

  11. Army of Entrepreneurs

    Jennifer Prosek on motivating employees

  12. Chaos in Egypt: Covering the Coverage

    Panel weighs in on attacks on journalists, U.S. response

  1. Debt Collectors Using Social Media

    Is it legal for debt collectors to use social media to track debtors?

  2. Hazards of Social Media

    How postings on social media sites can threaten your job prospects

  3. Social Media's Impact on the News

    Shep talks about pros and cons of growing platform

  4. Social Media's New Role

    How will these Web tools be influential in the future? CEO explains

  5. Doctors Take Advantage of Social Media

    Health care evolving along with technology

  6. Social Media and Mideast Unrest

    'Social Media is a Cocktail Party' author Jim Tobin on the role sites like Facebook and Twitter play during protests

  7. Improving Your Presence on the Web

    How are companies improving their image through social media ?

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