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Seeing the Light

Scientists say gene therapy study is breakthrough in blindness treatment

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  1. Real-Life X-Files

    British government releases secret documents on UFO sightings

  2. Click This

    Engineers rig Wii remote to control construction machine

  3. Predators in Danger

    Sharks threatened by commercial and illegal fishing

  4. Too Hot to Handle?

    Some new iPhones may overheat, say customers

  5. Bird Brains

    New study shows shining intelligence of rooks

  6. Buyer Beware

    Safety tips for shopping on Craigslist

  7. Click This

    'Twitterature' retells classic novels in 20 tweets or less

  8. Top of the Class

    Clayton picks his top five gadgets for back-to-school

  9. What's Vog?

    Hawaii volcano spews toxic gases

  10. Click This

    Woman says eBay cost her $15,000 by removing auction

  11. Food or Fuel?

    Europeans debate whether crops should feed people or move cars

  12. Bugging Out

    How many insects inhabit the planet?

  1. Ring of Fire

    Could South Pacific earthquakes trigger activity in U.S.?

  2. Bright Idea

    Israeli wins patent for simpler Web surfing

  3. Adam's Block

    San Francisco resident broadcasts gritty neighborhood from webcam

  4. What's News

    Newest gadgets and gizmos

  5. When Raccoons Attack

    What caused pack to attack Florida woman?

  6. State-of-the-Art Arsenal

    Inside look at newest military tools in war in Afghanistan

  7. Bringing Life to Mars

    How can scientists turn the red planet green?

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