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Privacy Underwear for Full-Body Scanners ?

Kentucky man claims he's invented body-blocking garments for airport security

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    How did masked man pass security?

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    Scammers Using The Internet To Unload Used Cars

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    Tech Take: New Motorola Atrix 4G blends your mobile phone, home entertainment and computing all-in-one

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    Did U.S. government set-up bomber?

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    Implantable chip promises no more needles for diabetics. Could this be the future of diabetes management?

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    Feds using mobile X-ray vans to scan cars on U.S. streets

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    Dr. Rosenfeld answers viewer e-mails

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    Famous band rocks on despite losses

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    Gretchen's special vacation plans

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    Real grandmother weighs in on health care reform

  1. Government Saving Body Scanner Images

    Thousands of these images are being saved by government

  2. Manhunt for 2 Escaped Convicts

    Men may be heading south

  3. 'Peep Show Database of American Travelers'

    Feds store thousands of checkpoint body scan images

  4. Geraldo At Large

    Sunday, 10p/1a ET: Are TSA body scanners providing a heavy dose of radiation?

  5. Attention Shoppers

    Top 5 tips to shrink your food bill

  6. British Airways Takes on TSA

    Airline claims U.S. is making excessive demands dealing with screening passengers

  7. Expert: Japan Quake Could Have Been Much Worse

    Buildings updated with latest technology

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