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Can Roku Beat Apple to the Living Room?

Silicon Valley is full of people who call themselves serial entrepreneurs. You can’t walk down the street in Mountain View or Palo Alto without bumping into two or three of them. But calling yourself a serial entrepreneur doesn’t actually make you one.Real entrepreneurs take big risks, have skin in the game, raise capital, and found real companies that employ real people. I’d even say that, until you’ve successfully developed and sold a real product, built and scaled a real business, and achieved a decent return on investment capital,  you’re no entrepreneur.Truth is, few people have done that more than once. I’ve known a few, and one thing they have in common is they don’t call themselves serial or any other kind of entrepreneur, for that matter. They just sort of do what they do best, and that means developing innovative products and, sometimes, new business models.One guy on the short list is Anthony Wood, founder and CEO of Roku. The name Roku, which means six in Japanese, refers t...

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  1. AOL launches free streaming movies in pact with Miramax

    AOL is now playing in the movie biz.The Internet media company inked a deal with Miramax to deliver a selection of its full-length films to U.S. users, available to ...

  2. Supreme Court justices skeptical, concerned over Aereo TV case

    Grappling with fast-changing technology, Supreme Court justices debated Tuesday whether they can protect the copyrights of TV broadcasters to the shows they send out...

  3. Can Roku Dominate the Streaming TV Market?

    The founder of Roku, a streaming device for television, said in an exclusive interview with FOX Business Wednesday that his service trumps Apple TV because Roku has ...

  4. Roku CEO on Becoming a Top 10 Cable Operator

    Roku CEO Anthony Wood on how the company stays competitive in the technology industry.

  5. Could Microsoft and Roku Finally Kill the Cable Box?

    It's been a thorn in the backside of couch potatoes for decades: the underpowered, clunky, costly cable box. They tried to kill it with CableCards, then IPTV, and th...

  6. Streaming Videos Live to Your TV

    Roku CEO Anthony Wood on how his attempt to create an open channel platform through streaming video.

  7. Amazon Fire TV hands-on first look

    After months of rumors , Amazon has finally released its own streaming media player, the $99 Fire TV, the company’s answer to Apple TV, Roku , and  Chromecast . Is i...

  8. Amazon unveils video-streaming device Fire TV

    Amazon announced a new set top box that allows streaming of online video content called the Fire TV.The company says the Amazon Fire TV device has better speed, perf...

  9. Apple TV? Forget It. Meet the Roku

    At the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, a little-known company proves why it may just be a better TV-Internet link than the Apple TV

  10. Roku Announces $99 Plug-in Streaming Stick and More

    The Roku Streaming Stick first caught our eye back in the beginning of the year with its promise to deliver the full Roku set-top box experience in a flash drive-esq...

  11. OUYA CEO on taking on Amazon’s Fire TV

    OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman on the company and how it will compete with Amazon Fire TV.

  12. Latest Streaming Technology

    We bring you the latest and greatest in web streaming technology.

  1. Roku unveils new video-streaming stick in response to popularity of Google's Chromecast

    Roku is getting into an Internet video-streaming stick fight with Google's Chromecast.Like the similarly shaped Chromecast, Roku's thumb-sized device plugs into a TV...

  2. Roku CEO: 50% of Americans stream TV daily

    Roku CEO Anthony Wood weighs in on streaming TV over the Internet.

  3. Hands On With the Roku XDS, Your TV's New Best Friend

    Don't tell anyone, but I don’t have cable. That’s right, I was sick and tired of spending a hundred bucks a month for content I could "mostly" get other places. Yes,...

  4. Roku CEO: Content Is What Drives Streaming

    Roku CEO Anthony Wood on the growth of streaming video.

  5. Roku & TCL partner to create TCL Roku TVs

    Your TV is about to become more like your tablet or your smartphone. A company named Roku showed off their new TV at the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. The ...

  6. Roku CEO on the Netflix Player

    Roku CEO Anthony Wood on the technology that allows you to stream Netflix movies straight to your television.

  7. The Comcast and Time Warner deal: It's all about the Web

    Just when you thought you could lower or eliminate your cable bill by buying an Amazon Fire TV or a Roku Streaming Stick, Comcast and Time Warner Cable's proposed me...

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