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Blazing Fast Motorola Atrix 4G

Tech Take: New Motorola Atrix 4G blends your mobile phone, home entertainment and computing all-in-one

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    Go behind the scenes as Greta prepares for Tuesday's 'On the Record'

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  3. Top of the Class

    Clayton picks his top five gadgets for back-to-school

  4. Gadgets and Games: 10/16

    Clayton Morris and 'Strategy Room' guests talk Netbooks, an iPhone App that can start your car, and Clayton plays Super Mario Bros with its creator Mr. Miyamoto

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    Former MLB star opens brand new restaurant

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    Clayton Morris and 'Strategy Room' guests discuss the latest, greatest, must-have games, apps and hardware for the tech addict in your life.

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    Clayton Morris and 'Strategy Room' guests talk Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5, Project Natal, Sony Vaio X

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    Judge Napolitano weighs in on what some are calling a Supreme Court gaffe

  9. Michael Jackson Estate

    Judge denies mom's will request, thousands pick up memorial tickets

  10. Estate Battle

    Attorney on struggle for Michael Jackson's assets

  11. Jackson Memorial

    City officials and police scramble to figure out logistics, funding

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    Clayton Morris and 'Strategy Room' guests talk Google Chrome OS, Apple Black Friday rumors and Twitter Retweets

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    New edition of Batman on Blu-ray

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  3. Peter Brady Talks Tech

    Former child star reports from the show floor at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show

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    Learn which video recorder is right for you with tips on how to decide between a full and pocket camcorder.

  5. Brady Barr's 'Dangerous Encounters'

    National Geographic host goes toe-to-toe with some of world's wildest creatures

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    Exclusive: We go hands on with Steve Jobs' latest toy, the new streaming video Apple TV

  7. Choose a Pocket Camcorder

    Learn what to look for in a handheld video device with steps on how to choose a pocket camcorder.

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