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OUYA CEO on taking on Amazon’s Fire TV

OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman on the company and how it will compete with Amazon Fire TV.

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  1. Negotiating a Telecom Bundle? Fight Like a Champ!

    When it comes to negotiating a price on telecom services, you’ve got to be tough and hang in there, like a boxer in the ring. If you’re willing to do some fancy foot...

  2. Tech Rewind: Gamers herald new console arrivals

    It was another big week for gamers as Microsoft rolled out its newest gaming console the Xbox One.

  3. Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4? co-founder Russ Frushtick on the Xbox One.

  4. Review: Will Xbox One “Kinect” with Consumers?

    Get “Kinect-ed”Xbox One is vying to be the center of your “smart” living room scene.  You can impress your friends and family by launching the game system and your T...

  5. Tech Rewind: Gamers Herald New Console Arrivals

    This week gamers had another reason to celebrate.Sony announced it sold more than one million of its PlayStation 4 consoles in the first twenty-four hours of its unv...

  6. More than 1M preorders for PlayStation 4 ahead of launch

    Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jack Tretton on the company’s PlayStation 4 video game console.

  7. Bill Hemmer’s love of football

    FOX News’ Bill Hemmer on the Cincinnati Bengals and ObamaCare.

  8. 6 cool and unusual gadgets at electronics show preview

    CES Unveiled is the traditional pre-show kickoff to the big electronics show— CES 2014 . The product revelations there tend to be an eclectic mix of interesting tech...

  9. Cox Signs Deal With TiVo for Cable -Box DVR Software

    TiVo Inc. ( TIVO ) Thursday said it had agreed to provide cable company Cox Communications with software for digital video recorders .The deal with Cox comes on the ...

  10. TiVo CEO ‘Roamio’ is Apple TV, Google TV, Netflix All in One

    TiVo CEO Tom Rogers on the company’s latest digital-video recorder the Roamio.

  11. Roku CEO: Content Is What Drives Streaming

    Roku CEO Anthony Wood on the growth of streaming video.

  12. How your home appliances may be spying on you

    Security expert breaks down possible threats

  1. Replace Your TV Cable Box With Google’s Chromecast?

    FBN’s Lauren Simonetti on Google’s Chromecast that allows consumers to stream video on their televisions.

  2. Netflix Coming Soon to Your Cable Box ?

    Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) is hoping to entice major pay-TV providers to build its app into their new set-top boxes, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.A de...

  3. The Xbox 360, Now a True Cable Box Killer?

    Microsoft just threw down at E3 2012. After exciting the crowd with Halo and Gears of War titles, the company unveiled new additions to the 360′s vast media offering...

  4. Comcast, TiVo Unveil Co-Branded Cable -Box Digital Video Recorder

    TiVo Inc. ( TIVO ) and Comcast Corp. ( CMCSA ) on Monday unveiled the long-awaited fruits of an agreement to work together: A cable box that runs TiVo's digital-vide...

  5. Could Microsoft and Roku Finally Kill the Cable Box ?

    It's been a thorn in the backside of couch potatoes for decades: the underpowered, clunky, costly cable box. They tried to kill it with CableCards, then IPTV, and th...

  6. Review: Microsoft's Xbox One – the revolution begins

    Microsoft’s new console -- the Xbox One -- releases Friday, and despite its rocky announcement this past summer, the successor to the Xbox 360 may initiate a gaming ...

  7. 6 high-tech home gifts

    If there’s a gadget lover in your life who craves the latest, greatest smart-home technology, here are some great gift ideas to help you out this holiday season.Nest...

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