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Apple iPad

Apple unveils iPad mini, new Macs at California event

Steve Jobs said it would never happen. Yet a smaller Apple just fell from the iPad tree.Apple execs have finally unveil the company's long-awaited iPad mini -- something Jobs once declared the company would never do. The new $329 product is meant to compete with smaller, 7-inch tablets from companies like Google and Amazon that are nipping at the tech giant's heals."You knew there'd be something called Mini in this presentation," joked vice president of marketing Phil Schiller before revealing the hotly anticipated gadget. Apple has sold 84 million iPads since their debut in April 2010, he said."So this iPad mini is just 7.2 mm thick. That's about a quarter thinner than the fourth-generation iPad. Thinner than a pencil," CEO Tim Cook told the crowd earlier. The new product has the same resolution as the larger display 1,024 × 768, but it should look sharper thanks to the smaller screen.[sidebar]"You can hold it in one hand," he said. It's not just a shrunken down iPad. It's an entirely...

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