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Tax Cut

Lou Dobbs on Impact of Tax Vote on Your Paycheck

New concerns about impact of tax vote on payroll departments

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  1. Why Did Bush Tax Cuts Expire?

    Karl Rove says GOP had to impose time restrictions to gain Democratic votes in Congress

  2. American Problem

    President-elect Obama tries to get support of Republicans and Democrats for massive stimulus package

  3. 'It Was Unconscionable'

    Senator John McCain criticizes Congress for housing crisis, discusses economy, Burris, Obama

  4. Only Way Out?

    Is President-elect Obama's massive spending proposal the right solution for America?

  5. The Home Stretch

    What should Obama do in the last few days of the campaign?

  6. Peter Orszag Defends Obama Budget

    White House budget chief on president's proposed $3.8 trillion budget

  7. Question Time, Part 1

    President Obama on health of U.S. economy, administration's approach to Iran, importance of bipartisanship

  8. N.J. Gubernatorial Debate, Pt. 3

    Candidates tackle same-sex marriage, illegal immigration, education reform, corporate taxation

  9. Obama's Proposed Tax Cut for Businesses

    President hopes that giving a break to small business owners will help spur job creation

  10. CBO's Tax Cuts Recommendation

    Director of non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says Bush tax cuts should be extended permanently

  11. Tax Cuts Put Social Security at Risk?

    Democrat blasts payroll tax cut

  12. Bulls & Bears: New Plan to Juice Economy

    Let Bush tax cuts expire

  1. Five Tips to Get More Bang for Your Buck on Your Tax Return

    The tax code is complicated but there are a lot of ways to legally reduce the taxes you pay

  2. President Remarks on 2011 Budget

    Obama: 'We won't be able to bring down this deficit overnight'

  3. Shopper's Market: Tax Breaks for Unemployed

    Credits and deductions every job seeker should know about

  4. You Better Work!

    You're not going to get free cash from Obama

  5. Hit or Miss?

    Former Jesse Jackson campaign manager Ron Daniels breaks down Obama's speech to the NAACP

  6. No Spin Zone

    Alan debates Pinheads and Patriots author Bill O'Reilly about today's political landscape

  7. Sounding the Alarm on Ending Tax Cuts

    Fred Thompson explains how letting the Bush tax cuts expire would burden American families

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