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Obama Tax Bill

Obama : 'Season of Progress for Americans'

President holds year-end press conference

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  1. Thompsons on Obama's Speech Focus

    Fred and Jeri Thompson on the president changing the topic of his State of the Union address from health care to jobs and cutting spending

  2. Obama's Job Push

    Will the president's policies help put Americans back to work?

  3. Obama's Debut on 'The View'

    President challenged by Elizabeth Hasselbeck on job saving claims

  4. Obama Sets Stage for Second Year

    President refocuses with new programs for his next year in office

  5. October Surprise From President Obama ?

    Growing speculation that president plans to extend Bush tax cuts

  6. Did Obama Hit the Right Tone?

    Penn. Gov. Ed Rendell weighs in on State of the Union

  7. Obama 'Serious' About Cutting Deficit

    White House on getting economy back on track

  8. Millionaires for Obama ?

    Rich folks who aren't worried about 'spreading the wealth'

  9. Gingrich: Obama Administration 'Out of Sync with the Modern Media'

    Former House Speaker sounds off on the legal battles over the Arizona immigration bill and health care, the tug of war over Bush tax cuts and more

  10. Pres. Obama Unveils Budget Plan

    Deficit won't be fixed 'overnight'

  11. India Prepares for Epic Obama Entourage

    President under fire for trip to India, including the cost to taxpayers

  12. Fox News Sunday

    Sunday, 6p ET: Getting all the ducks in a row from the budget battle to the tax bill . Senators Durbin and Kyl on Congress' next steps!

  1. Socialist Economics?

    'The Obama Chronicles' looks at the Democratic presidential candidate's tax philosophy

  2. Question of Cost

    RNC chairman points out flaws in Obama's health care reform plan

  3. Pete Rouse's White House Role

    What does Obama's interim chief of staff bring to the table?

  4. General Electric's Startling Tax Bill Revelation

    G.E. pays low tax bill

  5. Double-Standard for Whitman Slur?

    'Great American Panel' weighs in

  6. Green Products Get a Boost

    Tax credit boosts sales of energy efficient products

  7. The Real Barack Obama

    Volume 11: Obama's tax agenda

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