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Estate Tax

Reps. Issa, Upton on 'FNS'

Key Republican lawmakers talk oversight, Eric Holder

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  1. Republicans Attack Obama's Budget

    President's plan does not go over well with GOP

  2. Tax Hikes Needed to Balance the Budget?

    Rep. Eliot Engel weighs in

  3. Christine O'Donnell 'On the Record,' Pt. 2

    Tea Party-backed GOP Senate hopeful reveals which Republican politician she admires, discusses being in the media spotlight and the meaning of 'I am you'

  4. Colorado Rematch Down to Wire

    GOP candidate fighting to take seat from Democratic incumbent he lost to four years ago

  5. Christine O'Donnell: 'Republican Party Will Never Be the Same'

    Tea Party favorite concedes race for Delaware Senate seat

  6. Obama Faces Tough Questions on Economy at Iowa Backyard Event

    Small business owner questions the president

  7. Voters Debate Tax Cuts and Stimulus

    American voters on the Bush tax cuts, deficit and stimulus

  8. 'Bewitching' Campaign Coming to End

    Christine O'Donnell looks back on roller coaster Senate bid

  9. Kentucky Senate Showdown on 'FNS'

    Republican Rand Paul and Democrat Jack Conway square off in their only national debate

  10. Michael's Net Worth

    How much is the Michael Jackson empire worth?

  11. Tensions Abroad

    'The Journal Editorial Report' breaks down challenges facing new administration in 2009

  12. Nader's Solution

    Consumer advocate Ralph Nader tells Alan why he favors a single-payer health care system

  1. Death and Taxes

    Steve Moore takes a look at new unemployment numbers and the estate tax debate

  2. Outgoing Democrat's Parting Shots

    Rep. Brian Baird letting off steam

  3. Second Break: 9/25

    Can Christine O'Donnell survive the scrutiny?

  4. Taxing Times: State Taxes Soaring

    States slap Americans with largest tax hike in 31 years

  5. Rep. Hoyer on 'FNS'

    House Majority leader reacts to GOP 'Pledge'

  6. Taxed to Death?

    Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) tells Alan why she believes people are literally dying to avoid the estate tax .

  7. What Constitutes a Small Business?

    Because You Asked: Wall Street Journal's Steve Moore responds

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