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Earned Income Tax Credit

No Spin Zone

Alan debates Pinheads and Patriots author Bill O'Reilly about today's political landscape

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  1. Shopper's Market: Tax Breaks for Unemployed

    Credits and deductions every job seeker should know about

  2. Five Tips to Get More Bang for Your Buck on Your Tax Return

    The tax code is complicated but there are a lot of ways to legally reduce the taxes you pay

  3. Lou Dobbs on Impact of Tax Vote on Your Paycheck

    New concerns about impact of tax vote on payroll departments

  4. Hit or Miss?

    Former Jesse Jackson campaign manager Ron Daniels breaks down Obama's speech to the NAACP

  5. President Remarks on 2011 Budget

    Obama: 'We won't be able to bring down this deficit overnight'

  6. You Better Work!

    You're not going to get free cash from Obama

  7. Washington's War on Marriage

    Marriage rate falls to lowest level in more than 100 years