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Capital Gains

Job Plan

Pros, cons of eliminating capital gains tax

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  1. Christine O'Donnell 'On the Record,' Pt. 2

    Tea Party-backed GOP Senate hopeful reveals which Republican politician she admires, discusses being in the media spotlight and the meaning of 'I am you'

  2. What Constitutes a Small Business?

    Because You Asked: Wall Street Journal's Steve Moore responds

  3. The Real Barack Obama

    Volume 11: Obama's tax agenda

  4. The One Thing: 11/12

    What do you really want from the government?

  5. Taxing Times?

    Governor Bill Richardson clears up questions about who will get a tax break if Obama becomes president

  6. Second Stimulus?

    Panel weighs in on President Obama's new job creation plan

  7. Real Structural Change

    Sen. Shelby says Paulson package is a 'flawed deal,' wants to see more liquidity in market

  8. Repeal or Keep Bush Tax Cuts?

    Congress is considering whether to scrap or extend Bush-era tax cuts

  9. Hold Your Horses

    Sen. Jim DeMint explains why he thinks $700 billion bailout bill is a bad idea

  10. Safe Savings?

    Dave Ramsey on how Washington Mutual takeover will affect your money

  11. Only Way Out?

    Is President-elect Obama's massive spending proposal the right solution for America?

  12. Economy 101

    McCain vs. Obama: Which candidate has the best plan to fix the country's economy?

  1. Meg Whitman on Brown Camp Slur

    Republican candidate for California governor on 'Your World'

  2. Rep. Hoyer on 'FNS'

    House Majority leader reacts to GOP 'Pledge'

  3. Meg Whitman Refutes Allegations by Former Housekeeper

    California gubernatorial candidate responds to maid's claims

  4. Beck: Obama's Hidden Agenda

    What the president forgot to mention in his Wall Street Journal op-ed

  5. Truth About America's Tax System

    Report: Nation's wealthiest bear biggest burden

  6. Republicans Attack Obama's Budget

    President's plan does not go over well with GOP

  7. Tax Breaks to Companies Shifting Jobs Overseas?

    America's Asking: 'Happening Now' panel answers your employment questions

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