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Bush Tax Cuts

Democrats and GOP Battle Over Bush Tax Cuts

Neil Boortz on which side will win out ahead of November midterms

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  1. October Surprise From President Obama?

    Growing speculation that president plans to extend Bush tax cuts

  2. Internal Struggle Over Tax Cuts

    Speaker Pelosi undecided on whether House will vote on Bush tax cuts before leaving town

  3. Will New Congress Work Together?

    Rep. Earl Blumenauer on Pelosi, Bush tax cuts , elections

  4. Sounding the Alarm on Ending Tax Cuts

    Fred Thompson explains how letting the Bush tax cuts expire would burden American families

  5. CBO's Tax Cuts Recommendation

    Director of non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says Bush tax cuts should be extended permanently

  6. Bulls & Bears: New Plan to Juice Economy

    Let Bush tax cuts expire

  7. Coming Up at 4 p.m. ET on 'Your World'

    Should the Bush tax cuts be extended? We’ll ask Florida GOP Senate candidate Marco Rubio

  8. Economy Continues to Dominate Obama's Week

    Aides defend president's refusal to extend Bush tax cuts while Republicans strike back

  9. Rossi-Murray Debate

    Washington Senate candidates spar over Bush tax cuts , government’s role

  10. Trump: 'Keep Taxes Down'

    Business mogul on why lawmakers should extend soon-to-expire Bush tax cuts

  11. Democrats Preparing for Tax Cut Battle

    Rep. Gerald Connolly explains why he opposes letting Bush tax cuts expire

  12. The Hill Report: Raise Taxes?

    Democrats pushing for a tax increase on the wealthiest Americans

  1. Democrat Weighs Options on Bush Tax Cuts

    Sen. Bob Casey on 'Your World'

  2. Why Did Bush Tax Cuts Expire?

    Karl Rove says GOP had to impose time restrictions to gain Democratic votes in Congress

  3. Sen. Lieberman: Extend All Bush Tax Cuts

    Connecticut senator won't support White House push to extend tax cuts just for middle class

  4. Repeal or Keep Bush Tax Cuts ?

    Congress is considering whether to scrap or extend Bush -era tax cuts

  5. Tax Hike Ahead?

    President-elect Obama considering repealing Bush tax cuts early

  6. End of Bush-era Cuts

    Will letting Bush tax cuts expire hurt small business?

  7. Tax-Timid Democrats

    Does failure to schedule a debate or vote on Bush tax cuts before midterms show that incumbent lawmakers lack a spine?

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