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Ghailani Goes to Trial

Opening arguments begin October 6 for Tanzanian citizen charged in twin embassy bombings

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    Hannity goes one-on-one with Michael Moore on new documentary

  2. News of New Terror Threat

    All-Star panel responds to information said to have U.S. intelligence agencies in a panic

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    John Stossel takes YOUR questions.

  4. Test for Trying Accused Terrorists

    Civilian trial begins for Gitmo detainee charged in 1998 U.S. embassy bombings

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    Federal Bureau of Investigation celebrates its 100th anniversary

  6. Presidential Obligation to Avenge Americans Killed Overseas?

    Charles Krauthammer weighs in on controversial topic

  7. Meeting With Medvedev

    President Bush meets with Russia's president at G8 summit

  8. 'Smart Power'

    Part 2: Hillary Clinton vows to confront international challenges with mix of diplomacy and defense

  9. Torture Claims Delay Gitmo Trial

    Roadblock for prosecution as judge tosses star witness

  10. Terrorist or Victim?

    Panel examines the Aafia Siddiqui case

  11. Ghailani Terror Trial

    Awaiting start of 1st civilian trial of Guantanamo detainee

  12. ‘American Idol’ Star: Kimberly Locke

    Former 'Idol' contestant discusses the latest round of competition

  1. Helping the Less Fortunate in Africa

    Find out how one New Yorker is giving back to kids far away from home

  2. Kid-Powered

    Special playground in New York generates energy for school

  3. Three Disabled Vets Climb Mountain

    Trio reach summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

  4. Disabled Vets Climb Past Adversity

    Three veterans from three wars prove nothing can stop them from achieving their goals

  5. Embassy Bombing Trial Set to Kick Off

    Prosecution pushing ahead with first civilian trial for a Gitmo detainee

  6. Gitmo Detainee Sentenced to Life

    U.S. district court judge sentences Ahmed Ghailani

  7. FOX Flashback #18

    1st atomic bombing, U.S. embassies bombed, Nixon resigns, tankers collide and burn, voyage of the Nautilus, Jesse Owens

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