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Swine Flu Vaccine

First Shot

Who should be given priority when the swine flu vaccine becomes available?

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  1. New Vaccine Schedule for Kids, Teens

    Find out which shots your child should get and when

  2. H1N1 Update

    Dr. Rosenfeld brings you up-to-date on the H1N1 virus

  3. Bitter Pill to Swallow

    Will H1N1 pandemic get worse before it gets better?

  4. Targeted Campaign

    White House urges high-risk groups to get H1N1 vaccine

  5. Defcon3: 1/27

    Are we prepared for a biological attack?

  1. The One Thing: 10/8

    H1N1: Who do you trust?

  2. Question of the Day: 10/1

    Are you going to get a swine flu vaccination?

  3. Can Government Mandate Flu Shots?

    Utah county considers mandatory flu shots for first responders

  4. Flu Vaccine Mania

    Will Glenn Beck be rolling up his sleeve to get the H1N1 shot?

  5. Facing the Facts

    Doctors debate whether or not you should get H1N1 vaccine

  6. Trials Begin

    Latest on H1N1 vaccine and clarification about what's in it

  7. Ill-Equipped?

    Doctor who had H1N1 fears government is unprepared for fall outbreak