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Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton Launching Fragrances

Teen surfer Bethany Hamilton ( search ) is bottling her passion: She's launching two fragrances — Stoked ( search ) and Wired ( search ) — that aim to capture the smell of the ocean.Stoked is for girls and Wired is for boys. Stoked blends notes of clementine, pineapple, tropical orchids, lotus blossoms, sandalwood and coconut. Wired includes notes of orange and Asian pear, jasmine, juniper, cedar wood and sandalwood.Hamilton says "stoked" is surfer speak for "excited, pleased, happy or thrilled" and "wired" means to "have mastery over a place, a maneuver or a situation."The fragrances, available later this year, will be produced by Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics. A percentage of the sales will go to World Vision, an international Christian humanitarian organization.Stoked is "just the way I feel after a great day of surfing," Hamilton said in a statement. "A little bit feminine, it has all the good aromas and memories of a great day at the beach."Hamilton has been surfing competitiv...

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    The upcoming film “Soul Surfer,” slated for release in April, is based on the true story of spirited teen surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a 2003 shark a...

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