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Spring Break

Who Pays for Spring Break Break-Ins?

Florida cops say taxpayers shouldn't have to pick up tab for rash of school vandalism

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  1. 'Civil War Within the Republican Ranks'

    Juan Williams weighs in on Tea Party Movement's growing dissatisfaction with GOP budget

  2. Video Games Boost Brain Research

    Doctors observe gamers with ADD

  3. Should Americans Travel to Mexico?

    Questions raised about country's safety amid deadly drug violence

  4. How to Balance the Budget

    Getting the Unitesd States' finances in order cannot be done with spending cuts alone

  5. This Year's Valentine's Day Travel Trends

    Ellen Bettridge from American Express Travel shares Valentine's Day travel trends

  6. Traditional Rally With Additional Concerns

    Texas teachers, parents protest against budget cuts

  7. Rising Gas Prices Impact Air Travel

    Consumers are seeing higher prices for tickets

  8. What Will Be the Endgame in Libya?

    Power struggle continues between Qaddafi loyalists and rebels

  9. Across the Border

    Mexico's top diplomat in New York on coping with drug violence

  10. Indecent Exposure

    College film crew arrested for shooting simulated sex act

  11. FOX News Flash: FOX & Friends Edition


  12. 'Tis the Season

    Airlines adding holiday surcharges

  1. Teen Dies in Spring Break Shocker

    Was alcohol to blame?

  2. Beating the Lines at Disney World

    How to make the most of your time

  3. Spring Snow Storm in California

    At least 6 inches of snow falls on parts of the Golden State

  4. Beating Bedbugs

    How bad could the bedbug situation get? Dr. Manny talks with two experts on Dotcom Live

  5. Your World

    Monday, 4p ET: As national debt nears its legal limit, should lawmakers bag their spring break until a deal gets done? Neil on why they should be back at work NOW!

  6. Will Qaddafi's Regime Fall?

    Lt. Col. Oliver North on military action in Libya, Qaddafi

  7. Should Obama Be Vacationing During Crises?

    President's leadership during chaotic times under fire

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