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Russians Give NASA a Ride

Soyuz spacecraft carries astronaut to International Space Station

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  2. In Need of Space

    Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin tells Alan why he's worried that the U.S. is falling behind in the 'space race.'

  1. Fox Flash: Soyuz Lands Safely


  2. Around the World: 10/2

    Russian spacecraft docks with Cirque du Soleil founder in tow; giant puppets mark milestone in Germany

  3. Sibling Rivalry in Space

    Twin NASA astronauts to command simultaneous missions

  4. 'Sitting Ducks'

    International Space Station threatened by space junk

  5. NASA Astronaut Returns to Earth

    Tracy Caldwell Dyson describes hitching ride with Russians, life aboard International Space Station

  6. Shuttle Endeavour

    Stormy weather could force NASA to scrub 5th liftoff attempt

  7. Welcome Home

    Space shuttle Atlantis lands safely at Kennedy Space Center