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Planet Mars

Mock Mars Mission Gathering Data

8-month long experiment for potential future visit to Red Planet

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  1. Ice on Mars ?

    Scientists excited about bright substance found by Mars Lander

  2. No More Roving

    NASA's Spirit rover stuck in the sand

  3. Political Predictions for 2010

    Astrologer Shelley Ackerman forecasts the year in politics

  4. Around the World: 5/19

    Chinese children take self defense classes in wake of knife attacks

  5. Rekindle Your Sex Life

    Need to add a little sizzle to your sex life? A sex expert gives you all the tips you need to spice things up

  1. Mars Discovery

    Scientists discover methane on Mars , what does this mean?

  2. Martian Waterworks

    Does the discovery of water on the Red Planet mean there could be life? Bill Nye the Science Guy responds

  3. Bringing Life to Mars

    How can scientists turn the red planet green?

  4. FOX Week In Review 8/1/08

    Iraq progress, bombings in Iraq and Turkey, Karadzic on trial, senator arraigned, plane accidents, CA quake and fires, exercise pill, solar eclipse, Mars mission

  5. FOX Week In Review, July 18, 2008

    Troubled economy, bank failure, GM cuts, offshore drilling, murdered mom, wildfires, running with bulls, Tony Snow tribute, pictures from Mars

  6. FOX Week In Review, 5/25/08

    Wicked weather, book buzz, tributes, pastor disaster, transportation tragedies, mission to Mars , obits, and a crane collapse

  7. Interplanetary Correspondent

    GWAR lead singer Oderus Urungus' new role on 'Red Eye'