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Planet Earth

Outer Space Handoff

Crew of space shuttle Atlantis will give supplies to International Space Station and take home an astronaut from the orbiting outpost

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  1. Earth's Asteroid Threat

    Scientists say even small space rocks can cause big damage

  2. Blagojevich Asks Judge to Cancel Retrial

    Disgraced ex-governor says he's too broke to pay his lawyers

  3. Shuttle Discovery Prepares for Return

    Nearing end of last mission

  4. Interplanetary Correspondent

    GWAR lead singer Oderus Urungus' new role on 'Red Eye'

  5. Does Universe Exist Inside Black Hole?

    Scientist: Hidden universe could exist inside every black hole

  6. Early Collision Warning

    Massive asteroid could collide with Earth in 2182

  7. Making Contact with Outer Space

    Live interview with crew of space shuttle Atlantis & ISS

  8. Killer Asteroids on Collision Course with Earth ?

    Former astronaut weighs in on possible impact

  9. Stunning Discovery

    Huge ring found around Saturn that is the largest in the solar system

  10. NASA Introduces Robonaut 2

    Meet the humanoid robot heading to space on the Discovery space shuttle

  11. Stellar Explosion in 3D

    Scientists get first-ever look at three-dimensional view of supernova explosion

  12. Take Me to Your Leader

    United Nations to appoint Earth's first ambassador to reach out to aliens

  1. 'Asteroid Spotter'

    NASA to hold news conference on plan to protect Earth from inbound objects

  2. Shuttle Discovery's Final Return to Earth

    Spacecraft's last mission comes to an end

  3. Former NASA Astronaut on Discovery's Last Mission

    Tom Jones reflects on shuttle experience

  4. Similar to Earth ?

    NASA planning unmanned mission to Saturn's moon

  5. Blind Spot

    Report: NASA lacks cash to monitor asteroids in space

  6. Massive Asteroid Could Collide w/ Earth

    Early warning for potential collision

  7. NASA Mission to Unlock Sun's Biggest Mysteries

    Car-sized spacecraft to study sun up close like never before

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