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Kennedy Space Center

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Space shuttle Atlantis lands safely at Kennedy Space Center

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  1. Rocket to Nowhere

    NASA spends $500 million on canceled program

  2. Shuttle Endeavour

    Stormy weather could force NASA to scrub 5th liftoff attempt

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  5. Ready for Liftoff

    Space shuttle Atlantis preps for Monday launch

  6. Sibling Rivalry in Space

    Twin NASA astronauts to command simultaneous missions

  7. Space Shuttle's Final Flight

    Shuttle Atlantis takes off for the last time

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  9. Fox Weather Flash: 11/27

    Janice Dean with today's weather forecast

  10. The Final Frontier?

    Controversy over retiring the space shuttle

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  12. Successful Liftoff

    Watch launch of shuttle Atlantis ISS mission

  1. Shuttle Discovery's Final Return to Earth

    Spacecraft's last mission comes to an end

  2. Former NASA Astronaut on Discovery's Last Mission

    Tom Jones reflects on shuttle experience

  3. Robonaut's First Space Mission Delayed

    First humanoid robot to travel into space will have to wait as Space Shuttle Discovery's launch delayed

  4. Discovery Ready for Final Launch

    Space shuttle set for 11-day mission

  5. NASA's 2012 Budget Unveiled

    Modernization project at Kennedy Space Center may be put on hold

  6. Hydrogen Leak Scrubs NASA Launch

    Leak blamed for delay to International Space Station

  7. Shuttle Discovery Prepares for Return

    Nearing end of last mission

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