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International Space Station

Making Contact with Outer Space

Live interview with crew of space shuttle Atlantis & ISS

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  1. Russians Give NASA a Ride

    Soyuz spacecraft carries astronaut to International Space Station

  2. NASA Introduces Robonaut 2

    Meet the humanoid robot heading to space on the Discovery space shuttle

  3. Discovery's Last Mission

    Space shuttle returns home after 39th, final mission

  4. Crews Prep for Miner Rescue

    Chilean crews prepare to lower capsule to save 33 trapped miners

  5. Fox Weather Forecast 8/7

    Rick Reichmuth with today's national weather forecast

  6. The Week Ahead: 02/20/11

    What to look for this week

  7. Robonaut's First Space Mission Delayed

    First humanoid robot to travel into space will have to wait as Space Shuttle Discovery's launch delayed

  8. Fox Flash: Soyuz Lands Safely


  9. Discovery Ready for Final Launch

    Space shuttle set for 11-day mission

  10. Mock Mission to Mars

    Crew of simulated Mars mission take first steps on indoor Red Planet

  11. Sibling Rivalry in Space

    Twin NASA astronauts to command simultaneous missions

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  1. Successful Liftoff

    Watch launch of shuttle Atlantis ISS mission

  2. Hydrogen Leak Scrubs NASA Launch

    Leak blamed for delay to International Space Station

  3. Vital Repair Mission at International Space Station

    Astronauts working to repair critical cooling pump

  4. Temperature Trouble Aboard International Space Station

    Astronauts will likely spacewalk to fix critical cooling system

  5. Big Budget Blow to NASA

    Obama's proposed budget does not include funds for Constellation program

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  7. 'Sitting Ducks'

    International Space Station threatened by space junk

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