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'Asteroid Spotter'

NASA to hold news conference on plan to protect Earth from inbound objects

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  1. Busy Week in Space

    Fireballs light up atmosphere over Jupiter, 2 asteroids fly by Earth

  2. 'Everybody Is at Risk'

    Experts want U.N. to spearhead plan to deflect an asteroid

  3. Discovery's Final Mission

    Dave Brody explains what happens as space shuttle goes through landing process

  4. T-Rex Meets End in Front Yard

    Tyrannosaurus Rex Killed in California

  5. NASA Plans a Valentine's Day Encounter With Comet Tempel 1

    NASA's Stardust-NExT is about to become the first spacecraft to visit two comets. The first was Wild 2 in 2004. Next up: comet Tempel 1, on February 14.

  6. Lunar Living?

    Former NASA astronaut explains significance of possibly discovering water on the moon

  7. Lunar Collision

    NASA to 'bomb' moon in search of water

  8. Back to the Moon

    NASA launches nation's first lunar science institute

  9. Back to the Moon

    NASA craft searching for future landing sites

  10. Out of This World

    Former astronaut dishes on outer space

  11. NASA Introduces Robonaut 2

    Meet the humanoid robot heading to space on the Discovery space shuttle

  12. Phone Home

    Vatican scientist: OK for Catholics to believe in aliens

  1. Killer Asteroids on Collision Course with Earth?

    Former astronaut weighs in on possible impact

  2. Massive Asteroid Could Collide w/ Earth

    Early warning for potential collision

  3. Earth's Asteroid Threat

    Scientists say even small space rocks can cause big damage

  4. Space Oddity Baffles Boffins

    Scientists cannot identify mystery object in space

  5. Early Collision Warning

    Massive asteroid could collide with Earth in 2182

  6. Mystery Object Spotted in Space

    Could it be an asteroid collision?

  7. Blind Spot

    Report: NASA lacks cash to monitor asteroids in space

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