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Social Security / Medicare

Dems Seek Social Security 'Fix'

Rebate for seniors could cost $14 billion

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  1. Health Care Numbers Don't Add Up

    Lawmakers clash over interpretation of Obamacare

  2. Federal Workers Busted for Fraud

    GAO watchdog on government employees caught on video reaping disability benefits while working

  3. Baby Boomer Retirements in Jeopardy

    10,000 baby boomers a day to begin turning 65 in 2011

  4. It’s the Free-for-All!

    Republican Presidential Candidate Fred Karger, comedian Jim Mendrinos, and Sally Kohn of Movement Vision Lab join Alan to debate today’s issues.

  5. Kentucky Senate Showdown on 'FNS'

    Republican Rand Paul and Democrat Jack Conway square off in their only national debate

  6. Reps. Wasserman Schultz, Cantor on 'FNS'

    Key House lawmakers preview midterms

  7. Big Labor's Big Problem

    Union and advocacy groups claim administration has secret plan to steal money from Social Security

  8. Poster Child for Pension Reform?

    'Grim Sleeper' murder suspect could collect $1 million in total pension

  9. Call of Duty

    Illinois Rep. Timothy Johnson dials least 100 constituents a day

  10. Who Will Americans Hold Responsible for Government Shutdown?

    Federal agencies make preparations for possible cessation of services

  11. Tackling Border Security

    Congressman introduces new bill that will help boost security on US-Mexico border

  12. Get Disability Benefits

    Learn how to get disability benefits with these hints

  1. Social Security Watch

    Peter Johnson Jr. compares the candidates on Social Security issues

  2. Tax Cuts Put Social Security at Risk?

    Democrat blasts payroll tax cut

  3. Obama: Social Security Not in Crisis

    Art Laffer, former economic adviser to President Reagan, begs to differ

  4. Luxury on Your Dime

    Social Security Administration holds training conference at upscale resort at taxpayers' expense

  5. GAO Undercover Sting: Postal Workers Caught Double-Dipping

    Federal employees caught on tape working while getting Social Security benefits

  6. Lavish Retreat?

    Social Security Admin spending our dollars

  7. Financial Implications of Divorce

    Tips on making the best of a marital breakup

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