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Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk on New Video Game

Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk gives a sneak peak of his new skateboarding video game.

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    8-Twelve MVP Bar & Grill — Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun (Brookfield, Wis.) Bay Packer...

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    Pro-skater tweets scavenger clues

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    Tony Hawk is a jackass

  6. NBC swallows pride and a lot of crow to report on Fast and Furious scandal

    Big Gulps might be on the way out in New York, but not at 30 Rock, the home of NBC News. There, the big gulp happened last night as network newsies were forced to sw...

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    Power Rankings: Business Savvy Athletes, from Tony Hawk , Shaun White.

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    Brittney Griner left an indelible mark on women's college basketball. Now she's ready to take on the pros.The Phoenix Mercury took Baylor's star center with the top ...

  9. Time to Ground President Obama

    Saturday morning I came across that infamous photo of Tony Hawk skateboarding down the White House corridors and instantly I turned from my normal, happy-go-lucky se...

  10. Despite Irene, World's Top Surfers Hit New York

    LONG BEACH, N.Y. -- Not even a hurricane can stop the world's greatest surfers from coming to New York.The Quiksilver Pro New York Surf Competition starts Sept. 1 an...

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    Google made its intentions to invade the living room clear this week with a fresh update to its Google TV platform and a plan to create 100 online video “channels” o...

  1. Tony Hawk Talks Taxes, Business

    Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk on his latest business endeavors and his partnership with Degree for Men.

  2. 12-year-old becomes youngest yoga instructor in US

    Jaysea DeVoe is a yoga instructor who has the challenging job of teaching fidgety preschoolers the ancient practice, but once her charges get going, she says, "they ...

  3. Skateboard Mogul Tony Hawk Leaves Wife for Best Friend's Wife, Report Says

    Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk divorced his third wife, Lhotse Merriam, for his best friend and business partner Matt Goodman's wife, Cathy, the New York Post report...

  4. Tony Hawk Skates in Fundraising Event for Youth Skateboard Parks

    Skateboard icon Tony Hawk took to the ramp Sunday to raise money for youth skate parks.Hawk's foundation held it's annual " Stand up for Skateparks " fundraising eve...

  5. Extreme sports camp gives kids a chance to train with the pros

    School is set to start, but it's not too late to think about kids' summer camps for next year. Woodward West is like no other camp in the world— a Disneyland for ext...

  6. Shopper's Market: 12/7

    Skateboarder Tony Hawk changes the 'game'

  7. Scared? Shaun White deserves better

    ( - Only Shaun White knows if fear is the main reason he pulled out of the Olympic slopestyle competition.Max Parrot doesn't know. Neither does Seb...

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