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Shark Attack

Shark Attack Survival Guide

How to protect yourself from a shark attack

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  1. Americans Crave 'Shark Week'

    Andy Dehart explains the exciting but dangerous world of working with sharks

  2. 'Shark Week' Is Back With Bigger Bite

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

  3. Final Fin?

    Study: Fishing, pollution threaten one third of shark species

  4. 'Shark Week' Kicks Off

    Closer look at surviving shark attacks

  5. Safe to Go Back in the Water?

    Diver catches shark attack on tape

  6. 'American Idol' Couple Alert!

    Two 'Idol' contestants rumored to have found a love connection

  7. Rare Footage

    TV cameras capture great white sharks hunting at night for first time ever

  8. Stalking Strategies

    Study: Sharks, serial killers use similar hunting patterns

  9. How To Survive a Lightning Storm

    Learn how to survive a lightning storm with these safety tips.

  10. Just When You Thought It Was Safe

    Shark expert Andy Dehart takes you inside the action of 'Shark Week'

  11. Jumped the Shark

    Florida surfer bitten in leg after stepping on shark

  12. Teen Fights Off Shark

    New Zealand girl battles shark with boogie board

  1. Search for Answers After Shark Attack

    Death of kite surfer off Florida coast raising concerns

  2. How to Survive a Shark Attack

    'Shark Attack Survival Guide' host Terry Schappert on 'Red Eye'

  3. How To Survive a Shark Attack

    Learn how to survive a shark attack with this escape plan.

  4. Fatal Shark Attack Off Florida Coast

    Witness blames school of sharks for kite surfer's death

  5. Deadly Shark Attack

    Kite surfer attacked off FL coast

  6. Teen Recounts Shark Attack

    'Worst pain I've ever felt'

  7. Around the World: Shark Attack in Australia

    Great white shark nearly capsizes fishing boat

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