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Serial Killer

Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer

What do the facts reveal about accused serial stabber's motives?

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  1. Police in Utah Looking for Serial Killer

    DNA linked one man to two murders

  2. Serial Killer Sought in New York

    Police identify bodies found on Long Island beach

  3. Wanted: Dead or Alive

    Authorities hunt Burmese pythons in Florida Everglades

  4. Crime Shouldn't Pay

    Tying to put a stop to 'murderabilia'

  5. Clues in Coed's Tragic Murder

    What evidence will crime scene provide in tracking down Morgan Harrington's killer?

  6. Justice with Judge Jeanine

    Saturday, 9p ET: Hunting a serial killer ! With 10 murders and no suspect we piece together the latest clues in the mystery!

  7. Killer Killed

    SC Police Director talks about serial killer

  8. Hannity

    Tuesday, 9p/ 12a ET: One judge's decision in the case of a sexual sadist & serial killer sparked a firestorm! Now, Obama wants to promote him. Should his choice be benched?

  9. Hollywood Nation: Joseph Gordon Levitt Takes Evil Turn

    Charlie Sheen's action plan; 'The Hobbit' overcomes obstacles

  10. 'Killer' Whale Returns to Public Performances

    Tilikum back in SeaWorld shows despite concerns

  11. 'Gitmo North'?

    Michigan residents don't want their backyard to be the new detainee home

  12. Costco Selling Year's Supply of Food

    $800 prepares you for the upcoming apocalypse

  1. Future of Investing on Wall Street

    Tom Ajamie, author of 'Financial Serial Killers' discusses how financial reform will impact the average investor

  2. Stalking Strategies

    Study: Sharks, serial killers use similar hunting patterns

  3. 'Caught in the Act': Family Stops Serial Killer

    New book chronicles terrifying night

  4. Serial Killer Manhunt

    Girl becomes 5th victim of South Carolina gunman

  5. Michigan Serial Killer Eyed in Virginia Attacks

    Police believe brutal attacks are racially motivated

  6. Cops Release New Video of Multi-State Serial Killer

    Surveillance footage shows alleged murderer moments before attacking victim with hammer

  7. Serial Killer on Long Island?

    Police uncover 5th body near Gilgo Beach

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