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Serbia : Radovan Karadzic will fight extradition; Japan: chimpanzee escapes at zoo

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  1. FOX Flashback #10

    Terrible twisters, a celebrity murder case, a war ends, Kosovo liberated, a state funeral and a hall of fame opens

  2. Rebellion in Libya

    What is the Obama administration's policy on Libya and the current rebellion?

  3. Serbian Fugitive

    Serbia accused of helping assault suspect flee; U.S. demands his return

  4. Lisa Rinna’s Lips Deflated

    'Melrose' star gets pout reduction surgery

  5. Toxic Sludge Reaches Danube River

    Deadly sludge threatens half dozen European nations

  6. Toxic Sludge Flood Threatens Danube

    Hungary opens criminal investigation into ecological disaster

  7. U.S. Keeping Up With Mideast Turmoil?

    Former State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley on White House response to rapidly spreading unrest

  8. Coalition to Widen Libya No-Fly Zone

    Questions raised about America's long term role

  1. Around the World : Protests in Kosovo

    Thousands of Albanians protest arrests of former rebels linked to Kosovo War

  2. Comparing Libya Unrest to the Bosnia /Kosovo War

    Former CIA Director James Woolsey joins us to compare the unrest in Libya to the Bosnia / Kosovo war

  3. U.K.: Libya’s Air Defenses Grounded

    Allied airstrikes cripple Qaddafi’s regime

  4. Around the World : Oil Pipeline Explosion

    Timed device rips section of Korean oil pipeline in Yemen

  5. Libya According to Newt

    Gingrich attempts to clarify stance on Libya, calls Obama's strategy confused

  6. 'Butcher of Bosnia'

    Trace Gallagher: How Radovan Karadzic managed to evade capture all these years

  7. Rare Surprise

    White lions born at Belgrade zoo