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Senate Race Massachusetts

  1. Political Surprises of 2010

    From the rise of the Tea Party to Scott Brown's Senate win, 2010 was a wild year in politics

  2. Panel on Democrats Disagreeing with Obama

    Steve Hayes says the president's agenda is 'so radical it scared the centrists in his own party'

  3. Panel on Democrats Disagreeing with Obama

    Steve Hayes says the president's agenda is 'so radical it scared the centrists in his own party'

  4. Rush Limbaugh on 'Fox & Friends'

    Gretchen Carlson sits down with the talk titan

  5. Bachmann on Specter Shoot-out

    Rep. Michele Bachmann on her radio shoot-out with Sen. Arlen Specter

  6. Tight Race for Massachusetts Governor

    President Obama campaigns Saturday for Democrat Deval Patrick

  7. The Battle for Pennsylvania

    Senate race heats up between incumbent Arlen Specter and Rep. Joe Sestak

  8. Sen. Scott Brown on Looming Budget Battle

    Massachusetts lawmaker weighs in on Senate showdown

  9. DNC Chair Tim Kaine on 'Fox & Friends'

    The governor dissects Obama's State of the Union address

  10. Closing Argument: Michael Steele

    Bret Baier sits down with the RNC chairman

  11. The Journal Editorial Report 10/30

    Michael Barone breaks down emerging midterm trends

  12. Obama Sets Stage for Second Year

    President refocuses with new programs for his next year in office

  1. Warren backtracks on claim of Wall Street support, calls own comment 'silly'

    Elizabeth Warren is backtracking on a claim she made about Wall Street executives supporting her in her Senate bid because she will "save capitalism" -- a comment sh...

  2. Big business blame game heats up Mass. Senate race

    GOP Sen. Scott Brown hits back at opponent Elizabeth Warren's JPMorgan allegations

  3. Senate race in Massachusetts costliest in the US this year

    The candidates for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts have already raised more money from supporters than in any other election in state history -- or any other Senate rac...

  4. Who is Elizabeth Warren ?

    In-depth look at the Massachusetts Senate candidate

  5. Warren admits identifying herself as Native American to Harvard, tells Brown that family is off limits

    Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren pushed back Thursday against nonstop questions about her claims to be part Native American by saying famil...

  6. Romney, US Sen. Brown play down past connections

    Massachusetts Republicans Mitt Romney and Scott Brown have a history of supporting each other throughout their political careers.But with each facing a tough electio...

  7. What's an American Indian? Warren case stirs query

    What, exactly, makes someone American Indian? Even Indians themselves don't agree as they debate the case of Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, whose disputed claim ...

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