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'Killer' Whale Returns to Public Performances

Tilikum back in SeaWorld shows despite concerns

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  1. Deep Blue Sea

    Whale photographer takes life-size pictures

  2. Child Traumatized By SeaWorld Tragedy?

    Family of boy who watched killer whale drown trainer files suit against amusement park

  3. Remarkable Sight

    Dead whale towed ashore in Tampa, Florida

  4. FOX News Flash: FOX & Friends Edition

    Baby whale rescued in Florida Keys

  5. Should Tilikum Be Back in SeaWorld Show?

    Former trainer weighs in

  6. Fox Flash: Safe to Go Back in the Tank?


  7. Power Play: Government Shutdown Still Looming

    Will Republicans and Democrats close in on a deal?

  8. SeaWorld's New Safety Measure

    Will 'spare air' prevent future tragedies and save trainers' lives?

  9. Flat Belly Myths

    Beware of quick fixes that promise a flat belly in no time! Check out what it really takes to get rid of that jiggle

  10. Obama Drama

    Florida Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen on mishap with president-elect

  11. President Obama's Low Point?

    Will Libya hurt president's chances for re-election?

  12. Navy Accidently Kills Dolphins During Training

    3 dolphins killed during underwater training

  1. Lovely Bubbly!

    Beluga whales blow bubbles for fun

  2. Stories of Hawaii: Whales

    The mystery of whales with Flip Nicklin

  3. Dangerous Whale Returns

    Rejoins SeaWorld show

  4. Around the World

    Whale and calf appear on beach in Sydney; Franklin Graham arrives in No. Korea

  5. Japan Halts Whale Hunt

    Clash with protesters

  6. 'Save the Whales'

    PETA campaign targets overweight meat eaters

  7. Award for Perfecting Collection of Whale Snot?

    IG Nobel Awards given for 10 hilarious, thoughtful scientific experiments

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