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'Dangerous Precedent'

Environmentalists criticize Governor Sarah Palin saying she puts harnessing resources over preserving ecosystems

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  1. The Science Against Drilling in ANWR

    Environmentalist argues that using ANWR for oil is not a good idea in the long run

  2. A Story of Survival

    Sole resident in camp outside ANWR tells Greta how she lives on alternative fuel

  3. Uncut: Kavik's Only Resident

    Susan Aikens - Kavik, Alaska's sole occupant - tells Greta amazing stories of survival

  4. War on Christmas

    Why are so many folks offended by a holiday that brings joy to millions?

  5. Domestic Drilling?

    GOP lawmakers take American energy tour

  6. Pop Quiz

    How much do you know about ANWR? Laura Ingraham takes to the streets to find out

  7. Promise of Change

    'All-Star' panel on Obama's pledge to prevent another oil spill like the one in the Gulf