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Polar Bears

What Killed Knut?

Animal expert John Downer weighs in on polar bear's untimely death

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  1. Dennis Miller Locked and Loaded

    Funnyman's take on Libya, Obama's working vacation

  2. Bulls & Bears: Consumers Chow Down

    Predictions: KFC ads boost Yum! profits by spring semester

  3. Why Is Obama Encouraging Brazil to Drill for Oil, But He Won’t Do the Same Here?

    President Obama said this week that the U.S. wants to help Brazil develop oil reserves so that we can purchase oil from them. With both Republicans and Democrats agreeing that we have to stop our reliance on foreign countries for oil, why would the president encourage Brazil to drill but not allow it here? Mike Gallagher joined Megyn Kelly and said he thinks the president is “punking” us.

  4. Bulls & Bears: Make a Move to Natural Gas

    Predictions: XOM fuels 50% profits in 2 years

  5. Fired Up

    Dennis Miller on Rush-NFL controversy and Al Gore being challenged on global warming

  6. The Greg-alogue: 2/2

    Why does global warming melt ice but not ignorance?

  7. FOX News Flash: FOX & Friends Edition


  8. Suicide Is Painless

    Despondent animals kill themselves in new anti-global warming ad

  9. Global Warming Scare

    Can rising temperatures cause kidney stones?

  10. Common Sense: 5/30

    We should start digging for oil here

  11. Around the World

    Russia cuts off natural gas supply to Europe; Cambodian refugee returns to roots

  12. Survival Skills

    How to stay safe if you are exposed to freezing temps

  1. Political Grapevine: 6/29

    Are polar bears really in trouble due to global warming?

  2. Parents Sue Polar Bear Plunge After Daughter's Death

    Pennsylvania woman's body found floating in bay

  3. The One Thing: 6/30

    The improbable truth about politicians

  4. Bear Necessities?

    Governor of Alaska wants polar bears off the endangered species list so he can drill for oil

  5. 'Dangerous Precedent'

    Environmentalists criticize Governor Sarah Palin saying she puts harnessing resources over preserving ecosystems

  6. Knut's Loss

    Germany mourns zoo keeper who raised famous polar bear

  7. Bulls & Bears: Profit From Political Uncertainty

    Predictions: Don't buy into Dow rally

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