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Natural Cure for Alzheimer's Disease ?

The Medicine Hunter tells Dr. Manny how turmeric, found in curry, may help ward off Alzheimer's disease

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  1. VIDEO: Memory Savers?

    Ask Dr. Manny: Who should we bring my sister to see if we suspect she has Alzheimer's disease ?

  2. Breakthrough Drug

    Experimental drug shows promise in fight against Alzheimer's disease

  3. Early Diagnosis for Alzheimer’s?

    FDA approves testing on new scan to help diagnose Alzheimer’s

  4. Fmr. Peace Corps Director Hospitalized

    Sargent Shriver in critical condition

  5. Family Feud

    Former President Reagan's son Michael Reagan talks with Alan about his father's legacy and why he's calling his brother Ron 'an embarrassment'

  6. Hidden Harm

    Some sleep and cold meds can interfere with cognition

  7. High Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer

    What you don't know about your readings can hurt you

  8. Chronic Pain Therapies

    Ways to help beat chronic pain

  9. Longevity Foods

    Dr. Manny and the "Medicine Hunter" Chris Kilham go in search of foods to help them live longer

  10. Dancin' With the Doc

    Dr. Manny hits the dance studio for a lesson on how baby boomers can stay healthy by bustin’ a move

  11. VIDEO: Raw Food Diet

    Ask Dr. Manny: Are there risks in keeping a raw diet?

  12. Too Many Regulations?

    New Internet regulations latest of new government controls

  1. Chipping Alzheimer's Disease

    One company is offering free microchip implants to help keep track of Alzheimer’s patients but not everyone agrees with the idea

  2. Big News for Alzheimer's Diagnosis

    Test may reliably diagnose Alzheimer's disease

  3. Discouraging News?

    Two troubling new studies on Alzheimer's: Many drugs ineffective; early mild memory loss . Dr. Leigh Vinocur explains

  4. Stay Sharp With Saffron

    Saffron is a spice that not only keeps your dishes flavorful but could also give your brain a boost. The Medicine Hunter tells Dr. Manny why it's being used to treat memory loss

  5. Finding a Cure for Alzheimer's

    Dr. Paul Greengard is closer than anyone else to finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease . He invited Dr. Manny into his lab to find out more about his latest discovery which could help to abolish the condition

  6. VIDEO: Alzheimer's Cure?

    Ask Dr. Manny: Can you tell me more about a new medication called "Rember" for Alzheimer's disease ?

  7. Cut Alzheimer's Risk With Food

    Find out which foods will keep your brain sharp and help reduce your risk of Alzheimer's disease

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