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National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration

Animation: Tsunami Races Across Pacific Basin

NOAA propagation model of the March 11, 2011 Honshu tsunami

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  1. Global Warming Warning

    Researchers warn of possible effects of a warmer planet

  2. Fisherman Protest Obama

    Commercial fishermen plan protest against Obama administration’s oversight of the industry

  3. War of Words Over Oil Spill

    Scientists from Florida and Georgia are contradicting a government report on how much oil is still in the Gulf

  4. If You Can't Beat Them, Eat Them

    Feds encourage dining on lionfish to protect marine ecosystem

  5. Regulation Fears

    Climate change skeptics lead charge against government policy that could affect every American

  6. Lion Fish Invades Reefs

    The venomous creature posses risk to U.S. coastline

  1. Government Withheld Oil Spill Information?

    Report claims the government gave a rosier scenario of Gulf tragedy

  2. Divers Assess Boat Damage in California

    Underwater videos of sunken boats

  3. Hundreds of Aftershocks Continue to Rock Japan

    Seismologist puts record earthquake in perspective

  4. Tsunami Smashes Harbor in California

    Surge destroys boats in Santa Cruz marina

  5. Gulf Seafood Safe, But Sales Down

    Diners still skittish about eating fish, shrimp, oysters

  6. Remarkable Sight

    Dead whale towed ashore in Tampa, Florida

  7. Did Government Try to Silence Gulf Findings?

    Scientists say feds told them not to talk about underwater oil plume in early days of spill