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Preview of Nat Geo's 'Expedition Wild'

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  1. 'Wild Nights'

    Former NFL cheerleader-turned-primatologist hosts new show highlighting urban wildlife

  2. Following Our World’s 'Great Migrations'

    New National Geographic program gets up close in the wild

  3. After Show Show: 'The Dog Whisper'

    Cesar Millan and young hero on the curvy couch

  4. Fish That Prey on Monkeys?

    'Fish Warrior' explores huge predators

  5. Documentary Revisits Hurricane Katrina

    TV special includes survivor video

  6. Virgin SpaceShipTwo Takes First Manned Glide

    Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson's push into space tourism, conducts the first manned glide of its commercial spaceship

  7. Career Canines: Four-Legged Specialists with Real Jobs

    NYPD K9s are real 'Blue-Collar Dogs'

  8. Gray Wolves Making a Comeback

    Wolves of Yellowstone National Park were almost wiped out

  9. 'When Crocs Ate Dinosaurs'

    Scientists discover new species of crocodiles that once dominated Earth

  10. 'Sharkville'

    National Geographic catches great whites feeding at night

  11. Up Close and Personal

    Great white expedition catches and tags 17 sharks

  12. 'Deep Sea Secrets'

    Bob Ballard leads new expedition for sunken World War I battleships

  1. Brady Barr's 'Dangerous Encounters'

    National Geographic host goes toe-to-toe with some of world's wildest creatures

  2. National Geographic Channel's 'Fish Warrior'

    Jakub Vagner tackles giant creatures of the deep

  3. National Geographic's 'The Last Lions'

    Up-close look at lioness' life

  4. Unflinching Look at Katrina's Impact

    National Geographic documentary captures eyewitness accounts of devastating hurricane

  5. Cheerleader Turned Explorer

    National Geographic's Mireya Mayor brings some cute critters to 'America Live'

  6. Hassle-Free Vacations

    National Geographic travel author with tips on reducing travel stress

  7. After the Show Show: Blue-Collar Dogs

    Helping to keep New York City streets safe

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