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National Academy of Sciences

Security Risk?

Researchers claim they can guess your Social Security Number

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  1. Wrong Fight?

    Environmental concerns about offshore drilling, but what's really the greatest source of oil spills?

  2. The Science Against Drilling in ANWR

    Environmentalist argues that using ANWR for oil is not a good idea in the long run

  3. Fresh Doubts in Anthrax Probe

    Report looks into science behind investigation

  4. Global Warming Causing Illegal Immigration?

    New study claims crop losses from climate change will cause up to 7 million Mexicans to flood into U.S.

  5. Stem Cell Ban Lifted?

    President Obama to allow federal funding for stem cell research

  6. Recall Adds Dent to Toyota's Reputation

    Automaker recalls nearly 1.7 million cars for fuel leaks

  7. Offshore Drilling Debate

    What's the real source of oil in our oceans?