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Military Drones

Weapon of the Future?

Unprecedented look at how unmanned drones operate in Afghanistan

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  1. Afghan Spy Balloons in High Demand

    Mini blimps fitted with high-powered cameras to help hunt down enemy

  2. Missile Strikes, Tensions Rise in Pakistan

    CIA expands its campaign against militants in Pakistan

  3. Drones Target Suspected Terror Plot

    CIA ramps up missile strikes against militants in Pakistan's tribal regions

  4. Defcon3 8/18

    Sending a message to terrorists: You can run, but you can't hide. Our predator drones will find you

  5. Afghanistan Supply Route Under Attack

    Suspected militants hit NATO fuel trucks in Pakistan

  6. Whose Side Is Pakistan On?

    Shocking new report concerning one of our closest allies in War on Terror

  7. 12 Arrested in Anti-Terror Sweeps

    France responds to threats on landmarks

  8. FOX News Exclusive

    New book shows Al Qaeda members are running scared from drone attacks

  9. Souring Relations with Pakistan

    Tensions could threaten Afghan war progress

  10. Controversial Transactions

    Report: CIA has given hundreds of millions to Pakistan's intelligence agency

  11. Pakistan Pulls Out of Talks with U.S. on Afghanistan

    Civilian casualties are rising source of tension

  12. Al Qaeda Expanding Its Reach

    Report: Al Qaeda in Pakistan guiding Yemen-based Al Qaeda

  1. O'Reilly vs. Attorney Over CIA Drone Attacks

    Tense debate about unmanned aircraft attacks, terrorism

  2. New Round of Drone Attacks

    CIA increases missile strikes against militants in Pakistan's tribal regions

  3. It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Drone ?

    By 2013 unmanned aerial drones may fly over neighborhoods across America

  4. U.S. Missile Strike in Pakistan

    At least 16 militants were killed by military drones

  5. Running Scared?

    Online book details Al Qaeda's fears of predator drones , spies

  6. Secret Weapon

    Up close look at the weapon that could turn the tide in Afghanistan

  7. U.S. Predator aid support to Haiti

    A history making mission for the U.S. military. An unmanned aircraft is providing intelligence and coordinating the relief efforts on the ground. Fox's Patti Ann Browne has the story.

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