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Pinheads & Patriots: 10/14

Jesus Lizard : pinhead or patriot?

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  1. Looking Too Good?

    Is Obama's 'manorexic' figure a campaign liability? 'Red Eye' panel investigate

  1. Rove Responds

    Former senior Bush adviser on health care reform, dismissal of federal prosecutors

  2. Back to the Future?

    Karl Rove on the future of the Republican Party

  3. Around the World

    Runaway inflation in Zimbabwe; Komodo dragons squeezed in Indonesia

  4. Gig Guide for 10/1 music crew takes you through the night in great live music from coast to coast for Wednesday October 1st

  5. Lindsay Gets Early Release

    Fox411: Can Lindsay keep it together this time?

  6. Around the World: 2/3

    Disgruntled customer attacks company in Australia; U.K. man keeps unusual housemates

  7. After the Show Show: Stuffed Animals and Businessmen

    'Fox & Friends' gang discusses new survey that shows one in four businessmen travel with stuffed animals