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Great White Shark

Stalking Strategies

Study: Sharks, serial killers use similar hunting patterns

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  1. Shark Scare

    Great White slams into scuba divers' cage

  2. Around the World: Shark Attack in Australia

    Great white shark nearly capsizes fishing boat

  3. Around the World: Flash Floods Kill Three in Spain

    High water washes away cars, collapses houses

  4. Brady Barr's 'Dangerous Encounters'

    National Geographic host goes toe-to-toe with some of world's wildest creatures

  5. Safe to Go Back in the Water?

    Diver catches shark attack on tape

  6. Greg-alogue: 11/1

    Are you voting because you are racist?

  7. Up Close and Personal

    Great white expedition catches and tags 17 sharks

  1. Predators in Danger

    Sharks threatened by commercial and illegal fishing

  2. 'Shark Week' Is Back With Bigger Bite

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water

  3. Fox Flash: Surfing with Sharks


  4. Around the World

    Amanda Knox trial begins in Italy; Black Hawk down in Afghanistan

  5. Fatal Shark Attack Off Florida Coast

    Witness blames school of sharks for kite surfer's death

  6. Fox Flash: Great White Bite


  7. Close Encounter

    Diver relives moment great white shark crashed into his dive cage