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Geiger Counter

U.S. Authorities Watch for Radiation Plume

Dr. Marc Siegel on radiation possibly reaching the West Coast

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  1. Radiation Monitor Sales Soar

    Heightened fears spike surge

  2. Do Hazmat Suits Protect Workers from Radiation ?

    Dr. Garner demonstrates safety gear

  3. Radioactive Fallout Reaches California

    Experts downplay risk of nuclear plume from Japan

  4. Japan Downplaying Risk from Crippled Nuclear Plant?

    Deputy Secretary of Energy Dan Poneman weighs in

  5. Japan on Alert as Threat Level Rises

    U.S. asked to help avert nuclear disaster

  6. Times Square Readies for New Year's Eve

    Getting ready for the nation's biggest party, quite the task after monster blizzard that hit New York City

  7. Food Contamination Fears in Japan

    Radiation detected in milk, vegetables from area near crippled nuclear plant

  8. Japanese Government Admits It's Overwhelmed

    Tokyo raises severity of nuclear crisis

  9. Prehistoric Microwave

    Are ancient appliances harmful?

  1. Radiation Detectors Set Off at Chicago, Dallas Airports

    Passengers, cargo from Japan to be tested for radiation in U.S.

  2. Radiation Danger?

    Cancer-causing radon found in some granite countertops

  3. Testing for Radiation in Japan

    Dr. Steven Garner demonstrates new device

  4. How to Test for Radiation ?

    Demonstration of devices used for detection and air sampling

  5. Florida Company Donates Hazard Suits to Japan

    Unique material protects from chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear agents

  6. Japan: Radioactive Fallout Reaches CA

    Radiation detectors measure danger

  7. Radioactive Cloud Heads Towards U.S.

    EPA sends out radiation detectors