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  1. 'Prepare for Impact'

    Passenger describes amazing crash landing of US Airways jet

  2. First Lawn Chair Balloon Race

    Kent Couch goes for the record books

  3. Geraldo on the Hudson

    Geraldo on the plane down in NYC

  4. Hourly Update

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  1. Safe in the Skies?

    Captain Sully on safety of air travel in America

  2. 'Absolutely Unbelievable'

    US Airways jet downed in Hudson River

  3. Suit or Settlement?

    Can passengers of Flight 1549 sue US Airways?

  4. Hannity's America: 1/17

    Joe Biden toots his own horn

  5. Goose vs Kayaker

    Aggressive bird takes out boater

  6. River Rescue

    Shepard Smith breaks down incredible story US Airways crash landing

  7. No Soy Joy?

    Study: Soy could lower sperm count