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Forensic Science

'Circumstantial Evidence'

Do skeletal remains of small child found near Anthony home belong to Caylee?

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  1. Forensic Investigation

    Dr. Michael Baden on what investigators were searching for at Cindy and George Anthony's house

  2. 'Devastating News'

    Part 3: Anne Pressly's parents describe losing their daughter five days after her brutal attack

  3. Fresh Doubts in Anthrax Probe

    Report looks into science behind investigation

  4. New DNA Evidence in Amanda Knox Case

    Key evidence in question

  5. After the Show Show: 6/22

    FOX Fans enjoy a day at Mets game

  6. Cold-Blooded Murderer?

    Accused killer calls 911 to report dad's shooting death then went to New Year's party

  7. Putting the Pieces Together

    How bone trail could lead Caylee investigators to a breakthrough

  8. Al Qaeda Suspected in Package Scare

    Working theory links suspicious items to Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula

  9. Hack Attack

    Was North Korea really behind July 4th cyber attack on U.S.?

  10. College Baseball Player Faces Rape Charges

    Florida school criticized for allowing star to play

  11. Crucial Decision Favors Amanda Knox

    Italian court rules to allow DNA evidence in trial of American student

  12. 'Treasure Trove' of Clues

    Dr. Michael Baden on how duct tape, other crime scene evidence could impact the Caylee Anthony case

  1. Is it Caylee?

    Dr. Michael Baden on how forensics will identify skeletal remains, cause of death

  2. Sinking Suspicions

    'Live Desk' legal panel dives into case of murdered mom Nancy Cooper

  3. Madoff Latest

    Will anyone get their money back from the Ponzi scheme?

  4. 'No Evidence of Head Trauma'

    Medical examiner says heart disease was capable of causing Billy Mays' sudden death

  5. Brutal Murder of Pregnant Marine

    Cesar Laurean faces judge, charged with killing fellow Marine

  6. Inside the Search

    Investigator provides insight into the frustrating search for a missing toddler

  7. JonBenet Ramsey Case

    New DNA evidence clears family in child beauty queen's 1996 death

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