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Endangered Species

Bear Necessities?

Governor of Alaska wants polar bears off the endangered species list so he can drill for oil

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  1. Stimulus Money Helps Restore Coral Reef

    Cultivation project could create jobs

  2. Sea World Treating Turtle Shot in Neck

    "Bruce" being treated by staff for gunshot wounds, fin lacerations

  1. 'Fish Don't Vote'

    Comedian Paul Rodriguez has a message for President Obama

  2. 'Dangerous Precedent'

    Environmentalists criticize Governor Sarah Palin saying she puts harnessing resources over preserving ecosystems

  3. Pop Quiz

    Test your 2008 smarts with end of the year trivia quiz from the World Almanac

  4. Wildlife Smugglers

    A growing problem in U.S.

  5. Animal Smuggling Boom

    From lizards in luggage to tarantulas in trousers

  6. Wolves Living Next Door

    California couple is reaching out to the community to educate them on the importance of wolves in the wildlife

  7. Valley That Hope Forgot

    Outraged California farmers demand Obama administration's help