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Dolphin Activist Returns to 'The Cove'

World-renowned marine mammal specialist Ric O'Barry teams with son Lincoln to film mission to save dolphins

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    National Geographic's Mireya Mayor brings some cute critters to 'America Live'

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    Were the attacks effective?

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    With limited intelligence experience, is Leon Panetta the best choice for CIA chief?

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    New PETA billboard shows shark eating a person to promote vegan diets

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    Amanda Knox trial begins in Italy; Black Hawk down in Afghanistan

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    U.S. Navy trains marine mammals to locate bombs

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    3 dolphins killed during underwater training

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    Chicken lays BIG egg in Cuba; new dolphin species sighted in Australia

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    Former trainer weighs in

  4. 'Killer' Whale Returns to Public Performances

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    Former New York City mayor on nuclear power, Japan crisis, Obama's leadership

  6. U.S. Military Strategy in Libya

    What should the White House do next?

  7. Buy and Burn

    Georgia town secretly buys out topless cafe to shut it down