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Chicken Farming

Demand drives egg and chocolate prices up

FBN’s Jeff Flock on how increased demand for eggs and cocoa beans has driven prices up.

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  1. Chicken farmer's son not scared ahead of Djokovic clash

    By Toby DavisLONDON (Reuters) - After clipping the wings of the last year's runner-up, Taiwanese chicken farmer's son Lu Yen-hsun faces Novak Djokovic on Wednesday s...

  2. Bird Flu Found on Maryland Chicken Farm

    The discovery of  avian influenza ( search ) in Maryland compelled agriculture officials to order the slaughter of 328,000 birds on two huge commercial chicken farms...

  3. New Jersey Town Limits Rooster and Hen Conjugal Visits

    HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP, N.J. -- A New Jersey town has adopted an ordinance that regulates when chickens and roosters can hook up in backyard henhouses.Roosters must show ...

  4. Chicken Farm Bailout?

    Senate jobs bill includes $75 million for fowl farmers

  5. Foodies chicken out

    Farm fresh is harder than it looks

  6. Lifestyles of the rich and faithful?

    New reality shows follows larger than life Tankard Family

  7. Woman: Killer Held Me Captive 10 Years

    A convicted murderer and a deputy warden's wife who disappeared nearly 11 years ago have been found living together and raising chickens in Texas ( search ). The wom...

  8. PETA slams Katy Perry's 'Roar' video: Worst celeb vs PETA war?

    PETA's got some beef with Katy Perry -- pun intended. The animal rights group isn't shy when it comes to criticizing people for their less-than-perfect actions towar...

  9. CDC recalls furloughed workers due to salmonella outbreak

    What you need to know about illness?

  10. Man's New Best Friend? Chickens Become More Popular Pets

    The leaves shiver, the branches quake and 9-year-old Sophia Genco bounds out of the bushes, clucking at the top of her lungs while sprinting after a flock of scurryi...

  11. Infringement on Right to Farm?

    Town tries to stop 92-year-old man from raising chickens

  12. American racing legend Carroll Shelby dead at 89

    Carroll Shelby, the legendary auto racer and car designer who built the fabled Shelby Cobra sports car and injected testosterone into Ford's Mustang and Chrysler's V...

  1. Palestinian teaches Hebrew, tolerance as he builds life after 20 years in Israeli prisons

    Facing a classroom of Palestinian 10th graders, Hebrew teacher Esmat Mansour asks his students who is for and against learning the language. A few raise their hands ...

  2. Wisconsin couple says pet chicken saved them from fire

    A Wisconsin couple says clucks, not fire trucks, helped them escape a blaze at their home.Dennis Murawska, 59, said a pet chicken named Cluck Cluck woke his wife Sus...

  3. Gender-Confused British Hen Acts Like Rooster , Baffling Its Owners

    A chicken in Cambridgeshire, England, shocked its owners when it seemed on the verge of a natural sex change.Owner Jeanette Howard and her husband began noticing the...

  4. Sandal Entrepreneur Equips Women for College in East Africa

    March marks Women’s History Month, and on Saturday, women and men around the world celebrated International Women’s Day .“As the international community is discussin...

  5. Hot Links: Honey Boo Boo names pet chicken 'Nugget,' PETA gets upset

    Seven-year-old Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson had to get rid of her pet pig earlier this year, but the TLC star has a new animal now:  a pet chicken named Nugget. Th...

  6. Salmonella outbreak linked to California chicken farm

    John Roberts reports from Atlanta, Georgia

  7. California Police Looking for Suspect Who Stoned School's Pet Chicken to Death

    Authorities in Palo Alto are searching for a person “with problems” after a school’s pet chicken was discovered stoned to death over the weekend, the San Jose Mercur...

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