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Purdue Pride After Professor Wins Noble Peace Prize

Professor honored for work in chemistry

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  1. Tips on Finding the Best Physician

    How friends, family and acquaintances can help to choose a doctor

  2. Gadgets and Games: 10/08

    Clayton Morris and guests talk Google TV and Windows Phone 7

  3. How has the Internet Changed Our Brains?

    Gadgets and Games discusses how technology is affecting our productivity

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    Says ingredients are 'all natural'

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    Al Qaeda's new operations chief lived in Florida

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    Will Obama's Afghanistan escalation get the job done?

  7. 'Buckeye Bullet' Breaks Land Speed Record

    Electric car built by Ohio State University students averages 307 mph

  8. Climate Crackup

    Could Copenhagen go bust?

  1. Here Comes the Sun

    On the Job Hunt: Clean energy sector creating new opportunities

  2. State of the Union Kumbaya Just Window Dressing?

    Panel picks apart what's really behind 'kumbaya moment' for state of the union address

  3. Eyes Bigger Than Stomach?

    Research Shows Why Some Can't Resist

  4. Science of Shopping

    Psychologist explains why holiday shoppers are splurging on colorful items

  5. Third Break: 3/11

    Panel weighs in on NYT's puff pieces, Bill Ayers

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    Doctor's libido-enhancing diet

  7. Gutfeld: Hollywood Homophobia

    Why don't we demand from Tinseltown what Tinseltown demands from the military?