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Sam Worthington

NY fashion show held in Brooklyn Navy Yard

There are hip fashion shows. And then there are fashion shows that seek nothing less than to redefine just how hip a fashion show can be.How else to describe a designer who can get crowds of the most discerning fashion to leave Manhattan on a frigid Saturday night in February and head to Brooklyn — to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, yet — for a 15-minute fashion show?That would be Alexander Wang, 30, who presented the fall 2014 collection of his signature line (he is also creative director of Balenciaga in Paris) at a 100,000-square-foot greenhouse at the navy yard, a huge space that provided a dramatic backdrop to his inventive fashions. The production involved a rotating stage that moved the models around, and a futuristic-looking set that resembled some post-apocalyptic world.The design label, perhaps knowing that many guests would feel reluctant to leave Manhattan, particularly after running from show to show all day long, provided free ferry boat service to Brooklyn and back, and also cha...

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    Julianne Moore will receive an acting award at the Rome Film Festival opening this month, organizers said Thursday, while Keira Knightley , Eva Mendes and Aaron Eckh...

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    Actor Sam Worthington talks about new suspense thriller

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    Gods and men do battle in 3-D remake

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    Adam Sandler vehicle hit with 8 Razzie nominations

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