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Ted Koppel

Ted Koppel

Broadcast legend on the presidential race, special report on China

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  1. Leader to Leader!

    Dana Perino explains why President Obama should have talked with BP's CEO!

  2. 'Frank TV'

    Star of sketch comedy show talks to 'Red Eye'

  3. FrankTV!

    Frank Caliendo and his entourage of voices!

  1. 'The O'Reilly Factor' Rules

    Talking Points: 3/31

  2. Why Did White House Shut Out 'Fox News Sunday'?

    Secretaries Clinton and Gates appeared on ABC, CBS and NBC but not Fox

  3. Speak No Evil

    Anchor Barbara West on asking Sen. Joe Biden tough questions

  4. Outrage Over New Global Warming Video (Warning: Graphic Imagery)

    Climate change PSA shows children being blown up

  5. Media Masterstroke?

    Obama's big plans for his big night at the Democratic convention

  6. Campaign Comedy

    Pulitzer Prize winner details what goes into making his political cartoons

  7. Greg-alogue: 12/8

    Suppression has been part of global warming science since day one